Kevin Greenspon and Cloud Nothings – Split [EP]

Release Date: 2010.

Record Label: Bridgetown Records.

Bridgetown Records founder, Kevin Greenspon and Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi, team up to show two different interpretations of the lo-fi genre.

While Greenspon’s compositions are move densely layered than Baldi’s, his drone leanings are replaced by simple pop songs, with assertive guitar driven melodies, that compliments Baldi’s 90’s power-pop well.

The release also acts as friendly competition for the duo, as both men push themselves through ramshackle three-chord breaks and strong melodies.

In keeping with last years ‘Turning On’, Baldi’s youthful charm works well on the pointed ‘You’re Not Good At Anything’ and the overwhelming wall of noise that constitutes as ‘Dead Girl’.

Greenspon, on the other hand, explores the themes of childhood and adolescent romances, through dark song writing that is complimented by his explosive guitar squalor.

The split serves as a reminder of Baldi’s bedroom-bred pop and the talent that Greenspon’s Bridgetown label has at its disposal. 

Kevin Greenspon – ‘Carpool Pepsi’.

Cloud Nothings – ‘I Apologize’.