Exemption – Public Cemetery Party [Dinosaurs in Vietnam]

Release Date: October 2010.

Record Label: Dinosaurs In Vietnam.

The New Yorkers continue to develop their progressive metal jams further on their second full-length album.

Recorded at Killingsworth Studios and produced by drummer Ray Marte, their energetic repertoire that has been shaking the foundations of local venues in the Brooklyn area, has been bottled up and released on nine rip-roaring tracks.

‘Hyperspiral’ is placed between hardcore punk and indie, as Nick Lee’s screaming vocals supports the melodic harmonies. This has the potential to be a live favourite, once Public Cemetery Party has been consumed and digested.

The opening seconds of ‘Blood Heaven’ tunes into the avant-garde tones of wacky guitar virtuoso Buckethead, and is stylistically all over the place. However, underneath the tempo changes, there is a lyrically graphic, yet radio-friendly ode that is waiting to receive airplay.

‘Mutating Skulls’ brings stoner rock into the equation, while ‘Hounds of Sound’ is an attempt at screamo. What is clear though, is that the three-piece do not settle on one genre for very long.

Their ability to cross genres will divide opinion. Fans of their previous album The Rabbit Hole and their debut EP Harmony of the Spheres will rejoice at the versatility and the plethora of ideas that are spread across this release.

Those who are new to their stylistic charms will get lost in the genre-crossing and undermine Exemption’s credentials.

Either way, they will continue to regularly sell out venues in New York and New Jersey.