The Municipal Band – Wightwash [Alora]

Release Date: December 2010.

Record Label: Alora Music.

With a name like The Municipal Band, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is yet another bland four-piece indie band with uninspiring melodies.

However, it is only when you start to dig a little deeper, you realise that this is a band ‘in name only’, with no indie fashion faux-pas’ insight.

What you have instead, is a solo project, with a handful of guests that add filling to this bulging 70s rock tribute. Versatile musician Collin Wightman created the project out of frustration for: “not being able to keep my [his] own bands alive.”

Although Wightman is a talented musician in his own right, he is also modest, referring to: “talents much greater than my [his] own” as laying down the foundations of Wightwash.

Wightman’s ethereal vocals, calmly whisper through the elastic squalls of incandescent sounds, which jump from The Beatles, to Pink Floyd and then occasionally to modern day Weezer, on the upbeat alternative pop-rock of ‘Embers’.

By the time the closing positive foot stomp of ‘Keep Moving On’ comes to a standstill, this guest-strewn project acts as therapy for Wightman, as well as a trip through a magical decade, which defined rock, as we know it.