Shaved Hamster – Somewhere Between Fuzzy and Clean

Release Date: January 2011.

Record Label: Self-Released.

Many bands in the current Florida scene that fall into the ‘alternative rock’ genre offer sugary and polished middle-of-the-road radio ditties, and little else.

More often than not, this leaves behind a sour taste, as true rock fans look for a more substantial fix. Shaved Hamster has an affinity with ‘alternative’ in its true sense, as their full-length debut draws on: the Pixies, REM, Sonic Youth and Faith No More.

Somewhere Between Fuzzy and Clean takes in lightning-struck guitar sermons, and a love of every sub-genre of rock. ‘Hot Rod’ is an industrious groove-monster of an opener, while ‘You’re Gonna Make It’ is a three-minute burst of 90s guitar-pop that is held together by back and forth screams and contrasting Beatlesque harmonies.

With each individual track that passes, the five-piece range from a mid-paced walk to a full-on sprint, finishing with ‘Don’t Lose Your Head’ – the sound of Dr Feelgood shooting up on cheap glamour. What started out as Stuart Jennings and Amy T Baxter’s joint project in 2009, has seen them enlist a wide circle of guest musicians, including full-time band members and ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist, Scott Putesky – a long time friend of Baxter, who helped to form their studio sound. Shaved Hamster is Florida’s alternative scene.

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