Electric Moon – Lunatics [Nasoni]

Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: Nasoni Records.

Taking a break from his solo work, Sula Bassana continues to explore the depths of psych-induced space rock.

Accompanied by Pablo Carneval (drums) and Kamet Lulu (bass, effects and vocals) the talented multi-instrumentalist crafts a distorted wall of sound with cosmic jamming and floating organ swashes.

With a running time of 71 minutes, Lunatics is not a record that can be consumed casually, as extended guitar workouts and improvisations are here to be immersed in.

The fifteen-minute introductory LSD-meets-tripped-out krautrock ‘Gefaehrliche Planetengirls’ builds on repetitive grooves and short-spacey delays, while ‘Brain Eaters’ continues to spark hallucinogenic thoughts, as atmospheric soundscapes rise only to embrace stoner-esque wah-wah fuzziness, before collapsing gradually.

Concluding with the ambient voyage of ‘Moon Love’ the trio (and Bassana especially) ensures that space rock can still be as compelling 40 years on.

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