Pater Nembrot – Sequoia Seeds [Go Down]

Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: Go Down Records.

“Looking backwards, while living in the present” is the motto that these young Italian’s abide by when it comes to kaleidoscopic rock.

Supporting the likes of: Fatso Jetston, Rotor, Sleepy Sun and the Samara Blues Experiment in Europe has revitalised the trio’s psychdelia-heavy grooves, as Sequoia Seeds is an expansive array of hypnotic guitar swirls and plodding blues rock.

On first listen, Sequoia Seeds sows many alternative genres into its 11-track tapestry, as: doom, grunge, sludge and the narcotic warmth of ‘90s stoner, can all be heard in-between its vintage vibes.

Guitarist and vocalist Philip Leonardi, posses a distinct, nasal drawl that has the ability to howl and soar on demand, while off-beat rhythms and fuzz-filled guitar bursts are tangible and adventurous enough to avoid being trapped in a time-capsule.

The slow, progressive build-up of ‘The Weaner’ eventually sinks into a sludge-filled coma, as Leonardi proclaims that “something’s gonna break-down on my skin” with all the alcohol-fuelled intensity of Zakk Wylde, while the Southern-rock-meets-paisley-pop drawl of ‘Awakening With Curiosity’ again draws comparisons with Wylde (all be it a boozed-out Wyde), but the similarity remains.

Pater Nembrot’s moment of clarity, however, is the 19-minute closer of ‘No Man’s Land’. Encompassing a subtle sense of control, the trio changes its mood and texture by refracting reverb-drones and electronic murmurs off their heavy-psych prism – dispersing the present with what has gone before.

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