Trigon – 2011 [Self-Released]

Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: Self-Released.

A product of the burgeoning European heavy-psych scene, Trigon’s non-linear approach to jam-rock sounds as authentic now as it did in its ’60s heyday.

Established in 1989 by Rainer and Stefan Lange, the German trio may be considerably more experienced that their krautrock counterparts, however, it is thanks to the likes of Colour Haze and the more recently The Machine, that their swirling, hypnotic space-rock smog is being inhaled further afield.

Like their previous efforts, Trigon have always been at their best when they allow themselves freedom – largely resulting in hair-raising guitar drones and improvised solos – elements that are filled with impulsive energy.

The pre-punk garage zest of opener ‘Peitscht das Kamel’ soon fades into a reverb-drenched daze, while tracks such as: ‘Trommeltraum’ and ‘Kamasutra Debakel’ allows drummer – and new recruit – Rudi Melzler space to showcase his talents. 2011 is the lazy Sunday afternoon drug of choice, for the more-experienced stoner.

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