Grandloom – Sunburst [Rockzilla]

Everyone needs a mantra. With fears of being tarred with the dreaded ‘stoner rock’ brush, Grandloom has gone to great lengths to ensure that they abide by the philosophical, double-meaning of: “Electrical rock between Love and Peace.”

Floating between classic blues-rock, pastoral acoustics and hallucinogenic psychedelia – all of which are filtered through the amps of Palm Desert sun gods, Kyuss – the Cottbus trio’s debut, aspires to live up to the stylistic purity of Karma To Burn and the avant-psych improvisation of Motorpsycho; while also maintaining their “Love and Peace” aesthetic.

Deliberately narrowed down to six tracks, every side of Sunburst has the ability to twist and slide over the toughest of terrain. The bang-and-smash structure of ‘Orbit Webbler’ marries full-on fuzz with ambient space loops, in a hazy – but thankfully brief trip – through Seventies nostalgia.

The heavy-chugging of ‘Woodbridge’ rolls to the sound of acid-rock, over a relentless rhythm-section, while ‘Larry Fairy’ is a shameless slice of sun-bleached worshipping. The albums centrepiece, however, falls to ‘Apollo Moon’, as Krautrock-inspired grooves, delicately churn alongside electronic flourishes and tempo-changing beats; as each member of the trio shines in even the quietest of progressive corners. Sunburst a flawless execution of a self-imposed mantra.

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