Ten Page Pilot – Into the Eyes of the Armed [Self-Released]

Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: Self-Released.

By Simon Hadley

Ten Page Pilot were once in danger of becoming the forgotten sons of Dutch rock.

Bursting onto the scene in 2008, ‘In The City’, the second single to be taken from the Circle Lines EP, made it onto the playlists of national radio stations, then, after seemingly outstaying its welcome, found itself on the scrapheap.

With the passage of time, the band’s youthful adrenaline rush, has been overtaken by a desire to a find a happy medium between grunge and stoner, that will appeal to the mainstream, without isolating their underground fan base. By soaking up the greats of these respected genres – as well as dealing with rejection – has turned Ten Page Pilot into cynics; and they sound all the better for it.

Sure, their early riff-driven fire still burns brighter than ever; however, it’s the quieter moments where the album really makes it mark. With just soothing strumming and plucking to accompany the vocals, ‘We Call Ourselves Diplomats’ creeps into the eerie world of duel-harmonies, and the pain-stricken delivery, that is usually associated with the likes of Jerry Cantrell and Kurt Cobain. A gem of a track that, on the surface, is pretty basic, however, there’s just a shadowy beauty that makes you want to revisit it again and again.

Once in danger, the level-headed maturity of Into the Eyes of the Armed, both in terms of songwriting and musicianship, is a credit to the band’s persistence in the face of adversity. “A survivor’s candle burning on and on/I’ll find the lightning now it’s on my side,” is the album’s final assurance, closing a bittersweet chapter that has taken four years to complete.

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