Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Blood Lust [Killer Candy]

Doom glorious doom: A sub-genre of metal that has continued to evolve, since its humble beginnings in the industrial heartland of late-60s Aston.

In fact, the doom dynasty has not only evolved, but it has diversified too; as ‘death doom’ and ‘sludge’ has moved the genre further away from its traditional bluesy roots – ‘stoner doom’ to you and I. Nestled in a small corner of Britain – The Acid Coven to be precise – is a mysterious trio, who haven’t forgot about the paranoid darkness of Sabbath; or the black magic that engulfs Tony Iommi’s spellbinding jams.

Christened Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Blood Lust bludgeons the listener in a slow, hallucinatory fashion, while maintaining its recognisable heaviness – ‘cosmic doom’ for want of a better description. In a typically cryptic manner, ‘I’ll Cut You Down’ opens with sinister thoughts, before bursting into a constant, plodding riff, as one half of the Deadbeats sinks into a satanic ritual; announcing that she ‘wants you’ and ‘needs you’ before she ‘cuts you down’.

While the tales of witchcraft and dark matter are as key to the tracks as the riffs themselves, the fact that Blood Lust was recorded on vintage, analogue equipment at The Slaughterhouse (seriously) adds to its haunting beauty; as the tones are rich and crisp, while remaining ragged and desperate – such is the band’s attention to detail. The only minor gripe that one could possibly have about this album, is the fact it is only limited to 100 copies. However, aside from that, this is simply a fantastic release. All hail Uncle Acid and his Deadbeats of doom.

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