The Buffalo Killers – 3 [Alive Records]

Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: Alive Records.

Famous endorsements aside: The Buffalo Killers’ aptly-titled third album is proof that the bearded blues rockers are more than capable of creating vintage-style rock of their own accord.

Whereas the band’s previous albums where loud, proud and in-your-face, 3 is much more reserved; as their core, trippy neo-psychedelia fused sound, is rich with hazy melodies and soft rock undertones; a sound, perhaps, that is influenced by their previous touring buddies, The Black Crowes.

Described by bassist and vocalist, Zachary Gabbard as a “cathartic recording experience” the trio’s purging of emotions, flickers from sadness to joy, with the help of strong melodies, lazy harmonies and wondering vocals that are warm and always inviting; such as the gentle plodding of ‘Spend My Last Breath’ and ‘Lily of the Valley’ – the latter recalling the passive storytelling charm of The Small Faces.

Those pining for the rawness of Let It Ride may, initially at least, be left feeling disappointed, however, fans of expertly laidback musicianship, will be hailing this as a strong contender for album of the year.

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