The Ghost Wolves – In Ya Neck! [EP]

It’s no secret that the Ghost Wolves’ owe part of their following to the vision and talent of post-millennial blues-rocker Jack White.

As White Blood Cells made the Delta blues ‘cool’ again – albeit by way of Led Zeppelin – Carley ‘Carazy’ Wolf was channelling her own inner blues. Born into a musical Texan family, Wolf quickly mastered the piano and the acoustic; and seeking “something more electric” – thanks to the influence of rockabilly musician Johnny Falstaff – set to work on a sound that compliments Jonathan ‘Little Hammer’ Konya’s “Del McCoury-meets-John Bonham,” style of playing.

From the opening, bluegrass twang of ‘Gonna Live’, to the gorgeous live recording of ‘First Love’, it is clear that the duo’s relentless gigging – as well as their strong musical heritage – has produced a collection of tracks that is both exhilarating and infectious.

The stop-start sleaze of ‘Broke Joke’ ebbs and flows with the sneering attitude of PJ Harvey, while the shimmy of ‘The Snake and Jake Shake’ is fun-filled garage. Stylised and sexually-charged, Wolf and Konya’s chemistry is, at times, electric; and just like the White Stripes before them, the Ghost Wolves are bringing authentic blues-rock to a new generation of followers.

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