The Mound Builders – Strangers In a Strange Land [ResinHit]

Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: ResinHit Records.

The Mound Builders’ ironically-tinged moniker is strangely apt. With generic hard-rock chugging at its core, Strangers in a Strange Land is the sound of a Southern quintet, attempting to reach the summit of stoner-rock’s holy mountain, by using the footprints left by: sludge, doom and to a lesser extent, punk.

Emerging from the state of Louisiana, it is perhaps inevitable that the swollen, Sabbath-tinged grooves of Down and Crowbar are prevalent from the get-go; however, what isn’t predictable is the band’s penchant for boisterous, hardcore breakdowns; the like of which you would expect to find on a Rollins Band record.

Genre-picking aside, there are some great examples of visceral, bluesy shredding, not to mention Jim Voelz’s fearsome, soulful howl; encapsulating: lust, anger and frustration in a single yelp. Far from being perfect – and let’s be honest, most debuts aren’t – Strangers in a Strange Land is an intriguing listen.

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