The Nines – The Nines [Self-Released]

Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: Self-Released.

As any discerning music fan knows, rock ‘n’ roll is the only genre left with any sort of credibility, in an industry that continues to push style over substance.

In these times of gloom and uncertainty, it is perhaps no surprise that bands like The Nines are celebrated and cherished the world over. Formed only 18 months ago in Detroit, Michigan, the Motor City trio’s driving, no-frills sound, revitalises the chest-beating swagger and killer riffs of old, with boundless, youthful energy.

Led by powerhouse vocalist, Ian Kirwan, it is his passionate, balls-out delivery – not to mention his innate knack for writing stadium-filling hooks – that leads the tightly-knit rhythmic section of: Kevin Bernard and Greg Ornazian, down the road of joyous abandonment; the same route taken by the likes of: AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and, more recently, the Black Crowes.

Raucous grooves aside, The Nines, are, after all, a band from Detroit; home of the Motown sound, and while you’ll unlikely to find girl-group harmonies and tambourine shaking breakdowns, this debut does contain plenty of soul; most notably during ‘As I Dream’ and the subtly haunting ‘Walk The Line’. More of the same please chaps.

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