The Rattlesnake Aces – Black Pegasus [Self-Released]

Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: Self-Released.

Sauntering in from the West Coast, The Rattlesnake Aces’ first, full-length release, is close to being the perfect debut: killer hooks delivered with chest-beating swagger.

Featuring members of: Unwritten Law and Agent 51, this San Diego quintet’s ‘Wreck’n'Roll’ formula is taking the much-recycled, riff-and-raunch fanfare of old, and rebranding it with renewed vigour and purpose. From the ZZ-Top-tinged, ‘Outlaw Girl: You’re Super Band’ ‘(‘Sleeping Bag’, anyone?), to the rustic, neo-psychedelia-tinged stomp of ‘Astral Dogs’ – not to mention ‘The Juice’ and ‘Black Spider Blues’ – all demand instance replays.

Despite losing its momentum towards the Sasquatch-esque bonus tracks of: ‘Iron Witch’ and ‘The Devil’s Cut’, the quality on display here is more than enough to persuade you to part with a small chunk of your bandwidth quota. Get these guys a record deal, pronto.

Download Here