Greenhaven – In Memory of Bull Angus [EP]

Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: Humble Recordings.

Unlike many of their contemporises, Greenhaven is a desert-rock band that – shock horror – actually has an affiliation with the desert.

Together since 2001, the Phoenix, Arizona four-piece – ok, so how many of you expected Greenhaven to reside in Riverside County? – Play a hard-hitting blend of snarling boogie and sleaze that is part-Clutch, part-Goatsnake. As is the case with the majority of stoner-rock – or in this case, desert-rock – releases in the last ten years, Greenhaven stay true to the genres widely accepted blueprint: gruff vocals, greasy licks and heady tales of booze and women.

Initially released as a downloadable single, this expanded edition of In Memory of Bull Angus acts as an introductory EP to a band that has been lying low in the Sonoran dunes for quite some time; featuring four songs from past releases, not to mention a good-time cover of Van Halen’s ‘Romeo Delight’; proving that there is more to this band, than just a fashionable location.

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