Caveman Voicebox – Strippers, Mullets & Beer [EP]

Let’s face it: Caveman Voicebox are living the life that most stoner bands dream of. California natives, who are lucky to count Fu Manchu as neighbours; Strippers, Mullets & Beer is boozy, blue-collar rock, in its purest form.

Boasting a confidence and swagger usually reserved for more experienced bands, the trio’s loose and sleazy formula, mashes equal doses of fuzz and good ol’ blues, at lightning quick pace (‘72’Nova’); while their controlled coolness, makes it easier to switch from full-throttle to comfortable cruising (‘Forsaken Place’) in no time at all. Despite a lack of references to strippers – or indeed, mullets – there is definitely a whiskey-soaked, feel-good factor here: and sometimes that’s all you need.