Various Artists – Head Music [Fruits de Mer]

By Simon Hadley

Ask any music journalist worth their salt about Hamburg’s legendary Brain Records, and the answer is always positive.

While Britain and America were loosing their minds to the sounds of brain-warping psychedelia; late ‘60s West Germany was a period of change, experimentalism and upheaval: protests were rife, communes were growing, and the nation’s music scene was wild and diverse; assimilating the influences of Elektronische Musik with loose-limbed rock and avant-garde noise-punk. Krautrock was born.

At the centre of this non-schlager movement was Bruno Wendel and Günter Körber: two A&R men who grew tired of working for Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser (founder of Ohr Records). Established in 1972, Brain Records saw Wendel and Körber release a series of now-iconic albums, by bands such as: Neu!, Cluster, Guru Guru, Harmonica and Klaus Schulze.

Marking 40 years since the birth of Brain Records, Head Music is a limited edition, vinyl-only release, containing 18 cover’s of classic Krautrock tracks, by the latest generation of disenchanted bands: From the warm, ambient glow of Black Tempest’s ‘Bayreuth Return’ to Temple Music’s freaky, fuzzed-out version of ‘Negativland’, Krautrock’s legacy remains intact.