Anyway: Anyway [Election Records]

Here’s what we know: They’re four friends from the Czech Republic, who have released two full-length albums, as well as a series of limited edition, seven-inch singles, since 1996.

The first of a number of inquisitive questions that one must ask is: How does a band with such pedigree and longevity go unnoticed? Shrouded in faraway mystique, this self-titled effort is refreshing and honest: mixing the angst and anxiety of traditional, fast-paced hooks, with working-class honesty.

As is the blunt nature of ‘punk’, the album is littered with expletives (sung in English rather than Czech) and with a running time of just under 30 minutes, this could be a little ‘too punk’ for some. Still, the burning questions remain: When will they make it to Western Europe? Where can I buy their previous albums? Why have they remained in the wilderness? Simply listen and repeat.