Nauticus – The Wait [Self-Released]

Turku, a coastal city in the south of Finland, is an unlikely place for an up-and-coming prog band to hone their skills. Rich in 13th century architecture, the city has a long affiliation with classical and orchestral arrangements: the closet you will find to “guitar music” is the overbearing sound of the student’s karaoke night: drunken vocals and a distorted backing track.

For this reason alone, it is understandable why Nauticus feel the need for change. Ironically titled, The Wait, the experimental ensemble have been putting their time to good use; bridging the post-rock juggernaut of the ‘00s, with quirky, eclectic metal. Punctuated by woe-is-me howls and plenty of shredding, Nauticus’ wait has been long and chaotic.