Yellowtooth – Disgust [Orchestrated Misery]

The members of Yellowtooth have been making heavy-related music, for the best part of 20 years. It shows. From the trashier elements of Chronic Disorder, to the death-metal menace of Nocturnal Torment, the Indiana trio’s near-militaristic dedication to all things loud and primal, commands respect.

However, having the respect of your genre’s followers can only get you so far. Disgust, the band’s ten-track debut, is an all-or-nothing release; supplying seismic upheaval in the form of Hank McGinnis’ choking, worldly roar, and the continuous rumble of the trio’s rhythm section.

As you might expect, this is an album that is hard to pin down to any number of sub-genres. Opener ‘Wizard Dust’, for instance, is straight-up doom, while ‘On the Trail of Lewis Medlock’, draws on the southern-fried grooves of Down. That’s not to say, Yellowtooth have created a disjointed collection of tracks: they haven’t. In fact, Disgust champions the diversity of metal, in its punishing, down-tuned glory.