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Doors To No Where – I’m Alive [EP]


Doors To No Where is a band that are new on the raider for those of us hailing from outside of California.  The band is currently unsigned and is the brainchild of ex-Live Wire guitarist Marc Lewis. This EP comes highly recommended.

‘Dinner Time For Tweeks’, the EP’s opener, explodes with a three minute slab of 80’s hardcore punk and the influence of landmark Californian bands such as: Bl’ast and Black Flag are referenced, but most in importantly, not reproduced. Next up is the six minute epic that is, ’Is You Is’ and by far the longest track on the EP. This is where Doors To No Where cements themselves as a very versatile band, wearing their influences on their sleeve.

The blend of hardcore punk and metal is met with an acoustic breakdown after the three minute mark, with stunning female harmonising, only to break down even further into a lengthy guitar solo layered over the top of the tracks main riff. Title track, ‘I’m Alive’ explores the frustrations of everyday life, while ’Regrets and Lies’ carries on in the same vein, channelling the themes of love, joy, sorrow and anger.

The tongue in cheek titled ‘Emo Kids Hate Epics’, sees the band explore the fuzzed out desert rock roots of their Californian neighbours. The thought provoking title of ‘Is There A Hero Inside All of Us?’ Is layered with bluesy classic rock, while maintaining the bands edgy attitude, setting Doors To No Where apart from similar bands coming out of the underground Californian scene.

Hailing from Santa Cruz, California it would be easy for Doors To No Where to become clones of the legendary bands around them, from the desert rock influences of Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man to the hardcore punk of Bl’ast and LAB. Instead, Doors To No Where take the lethal cocktail of hardcore punk, desert rock and metal and turn it into a sound all of their own, while injecting their own life experiences with ferocious energy and passion.